Lion gives eggs an edge

Sir, I constantly remind clients of the old adage - ‘rubbish in, rubbish out!’. That is why the supply chain is so important to food businesses. Six months on from the fipronil egg scandal, and with new food safety scares hitting the headlines, how much has actually changed?

Companies may specify pasteurised egg products, but food manufacturers and retailers need to be aware that not all pasteurised eggs are the same, as we saw last summer. The contamination of foreign eggs with fipronil led to mass product recalls at great cost. But how many companies have committed to long-term change?

There is a massive opportunity for a food business to gain an edge simply by specifying ingredients like British Lion egg products, which meet higher standards of food safety.

Dr Lisa Ackerley, British Lion egg processors

Plastic and little shops

Sir, I am a bit fed up with the press banging on about plastic. I am lucky enough to live in a beautiful area and want to keep it that way but returnable plastic bottles are going to be a nightmare for little shops like mine. Try starting with not sending out your magazine in plastic wrapping. And what happened to milk crates rather than plastic wrap around 10 bottles, which I have to get rid of through my costly trade bin?

I am sick of decisions made by people who do not consider the effect it might have on little people. We sell loose fruit & veg, so I give my customers a carrier bag. I don’t think I am the wickedest person in the world but I am made to feel that way.

Sally Gibbons, Lealholm Village Shop