Sir, The latest round of mud-slinging involving The National Federation of Retail Newsagents from Colin Finch, former president, does not do any good for either the federation or its members, who Finch purports to be concerned about.

His comments ('Ex-president Finch lashes out at NFRN', 28 August, p6) merely inflame the situation.

Public comments such as Finch's merely give away advantage to the vulture-like publishers. It's an own goal.

It is disappointing but not surprising that, as a former office-holder, Finch has made no constructive suggestions. Come to think of it, during his time in the office I fail to recall anything significant that was achieved.

Given the stifling constraints imposed under the legislation on collective bargaining there is a limit to what can and cannot be achieved.

Crucially, our legislators are so far detached from the general public that they are not in the least bit interested or bothered about issues that concern Joe Bloggs. These two factors are often overlooked by armchair critics.

Subhosh Varambhid, newsagent