Police Supplier Fraud

Police must protect staff

Sir, I don’t think I have ever read a more depressing feature than the highlighted crisis of shoplifting and assaults on retail staff (‘Murder on the shop floor,’)

Reading the article, I was amazed that there seemed to be no solid advice from trade organisations on what to do about this serious issue apart from not antagonising the thief! Has the world gone mad?

The trade must not allow police chiefs to hide behind budget cuts as an excuse. Organise yourselves and march on parliament, a few thousand of you waving placards, to highlight this threat, and make both the public and the media aware.

This is what politicians seem to understand. They can in turn demand that the police start doing the job they are paid to perform. But for heavens’ sake, don’t let them get away with ignoring the problem.

Philip Plotkin, retired

Brexit opportunities

Sir, It is wrong to describe me as pro-Brexit (‘All talk? What can Gove’s ‘game-changing’ council achieve?’). It would also be wrong to describe me as anti-Brexit. In fact, I have never expressed a political view on this issue. What I have said is that we at ABF will look for opportunities from Brexit, as every company should.

George Weston, chief executive, Associated British Foods

Get down to the farms

Sir, Consumers expect transparency from those who grow, manufacture and sell their food. While the integrity of British produce has never been greater, it could not be more timely to communicate the values, quality and high standards delivered by UK farmers and growers. Our failure to do so will lead to misconceptions, lack of trust and support.

LEAF Open Farm Sunday is changing people’s perceptions. The experience of visiting a working farm has a powerful impact. Last year some 400 farms welcomed over 272,000 people on to a farm; 84% of visitors reported it had changed the way they think about farming.

Industry needs to collaborate to enable more farmers and growers to take part. Every event matters - whether it is a simple farm walk, or a full open day. Together we can achieve so much. Please get in touch and support your farmers and growers to host an event on 10 June.

Caroline Drummond MBE, LEAF chief executive

Care about wholesale

Sir, Regarding your article ‘Walkers infuriates wholesalers with Booker van move’, I strongly agree that suppliers must treat the wholesale sector with great care. Facilitating further consolidation of the sector reduces their number of options re route to market. Without independent wholesalers, suppliers will in time lose all their negotiating tools. It is in the interests of suppliers, brands and manufacturers to ensure that the independent wholesale sector continues. It is a very short-sighted (and short-term) director who fails to recognise this.