I feel frustration because everyone is looking for ways to increase sales in the supermarkets, but they are overlooking what we really want ­ availability. 

I feel that with correct availability, at least £4 to £5 extra would be coming from my family, but all too often when shopping we are met with out-of-stocks. 

Recently we had a major supermarket's leaflet through our door asking us to look at the great range of bakery products in store that were new. Would you believe three were out of stock on two separate occasions? 

Also, availability in the evening is still poor and this is a great frustration that computers seem unable to solve.
So how could food stores improve sales? Look after your range, have stock available, when sending leaflets out ensure stores are aware, and give us what we want ­ basic groceries to tempt us with. 

It is nice to have TVs, chairs etc, but very frustrating when you want a loaf of bread and cannot get it.
If stores are going to open till late they should have the required stock to support that level of activity. 

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