coco pops

Snap to it, Kellogg’s

Sir, It is a disappointingly slow start for Kellogg’s Better Starts initiative. We were hoping for more ‘snap, crackle or pop’.

While reformulation of Coco Pops is welcome and overdue, there is little to suggest Kellogg’s is changing from bottom of the pack to category leader on responsible marketing practices.

They have not promised to end their use of child-friendly brand characters on their sugary cereals; nor does it seem will they stop producing special cereals in association with Disney and other popular children’s films.

Another glaring omission is lack of a commitment to use the government’s recommended colour-coded front-of-pack nutrition labelling.

Any worthwhile refresh of the government’s Childhood Obesity Plan next year will need to include a stronger nutrient profiling model and other measures to reduce children’s exposure to junk food marketing.

Malcolm Clark, co-ordinator, Children’s Food Campaign

The Weetabix way

Sir, It was positive to see Kellogg’s intention to reduce the sugar in some of its cereals. Eating a healthy nutritious cereal is a great start to any family’s day. We want to make it easy for people to make healthier choices and that’s why two Weetabix have, and have always had, less than half a teaspoon of sugar. As others begin their journey to reduce sugar, we welcome any cereal manufacturer who wants to join the Weetabix brand on our mission.

Sally Abbott, MD UK & Ireland, Weetabix Food Company

When small is good

Sir, We read with interest the story about the ex-Sipsmith duo launching ‘small beer’. It ticks so many boxes for consumers - it has an interesting backstory, boasts sustainability credentials and will appeal to those looking for quality, not quantity.

What is also interesting is the pared-back design: its simple visual aesthetic and design codes which can be quickly understood by the consumer stand out in a sea of shouty sameness.

It is the brands which solve a consumer problem, with strong design solutions backed by strategic rigour, which will stand the test of time.

Rowena Curlewis, CEO, Denomination