Sugar tax won’t work

Sir, Today there is an abundance of choice for consumers. How far such a market should be regulated by the state is usually based on concerns about quality and safety. A sugar tax would not address either of these issues. It is unrealistic to take each food individually when it combines a high number of ingredients. If certain products like fizzy drinks are ‘cherry-picked’, this divides up the market on an artificial construct, and is an arbitrary attack on one specific type of business.

Obesity is a multifaceted problem, and while a tax would raise prices on a range of products, this does not necessarily mean people will be better educated about diet and fitness.

At a time when producers are being asked to invest in supply chains to ensure accountability, increasing tax risks distracting from other key strategies.

Jessica Burt, food law solicitor, Mills & Reeve

Protect your brand

Sir, I read with interest your item on the action by BigFish to challenge Morrisons over the registration of two trademarks.

This illustrates just how vital safeguarding your brand is and the need to take swift and effective action when it is felt there is danger of infringement. The extent to which the trademark is protected can often make a difference in such cases: are words trademarked or just logos? Additionally the parties will need to decide whether ‘passing off’ comes into play - is there a deliberate attempt to misrepresent?

This is one David versus Goliath battle flagging up the need to make sure your brand and its intellectual property - no matter how big or small - are properly protected.

Lizzie Naylor, solicitor, Roythornes Solicitors specialist food and drink team

Treasure your shoppers

Sir, Interesting to read that “loyalty schemes aren’t dead yet”, as posed by Jan-Pieter Lips.

Retailers are right to believe that loyalty schemes, and more personalisation within them, have huge potential. To build real loyalty, however, and increased basket spend, shoppers want to feel valued, treasured even.

This is where the science of matching a shopper to a reward is invaluable - surprise and delight your customer and they’ll be yours for life.

Bryan Roberts, head of insight, TCC Global