I was disappointed with Tesco’s decision to drop its carbon footprint scheme. While I understand the eco-labels may be ‘too costly’ and ‘too time-consuming’, I think you have missed a vital point: if Tesco is to recoup the money it has lost, it must look to give customers more than just value.

It is ‘frustrating’ that other retailers didn’t follow Tesco’s lead, but the simple fact is that they did not have to. Tesco, with the exception of this scheme, does little to give customers anything in terms of values or beliefs - all its offers are discount-based.

The Co-op and Waitrose, on the other hand, have found ways to balance value for money with quality, while also including added values such as an emphasis on fair trade. As consumers reach tipping point on price alone, these values are vital - and Tesco’s decision to drop eco-labels puts it another step behind competitors.

Elly Woolston, founder, United