Sir: I was disappointed to read last week’s report on The Grocer Gold award winner, Belvita Breakfast, and the claim that the positioning of breakfast biscuits is misleading to consumers (‘Belvita & co: higher in sat fat than a Hobnob’, 20 October).

BelVita Breakfast was created to meet nutritional needs at breakfast, which should provide 20% of your energy intake as recommended by nutritionists. It is designed to be eaten as part of a balanced breakfast, alongside a portion of fruit and dairy. Targeting individual nutrients, such as sat fat, in isolation does not allow for an accurate measure of the product.

Belvita Breakfast is the only breakfast biscuit clinically proven to release carbohydrates regularly and continuously over four hours, when eaten as part of a balanced breakfast, giving you energy for the whole morning. The biscuits are made with wholegrain, are rich in cereals, provide a source of fibre and contain a selection of vitamins and minerals, which in our opinion gives them a considerable nutritional advantage over ordinary biscuits.

Rahul Gursahani, senior brand manager, Belvita Breakfast