Sir, It may not be a very PC thing to say but is anyone else feeling a bit underwhelmed by the much-vaunted Organic Trade Board co-ordinated organic press campaign? From my perspective, it feels a bit nice, ie woolly and unsatisfying. This is, after all, the campaign that was going to get organics back on track, a new organic dawn, a bold collaboration of like-minded companies putting organics back on the UK food agenda with a simple easy-to-get repositioning.

Unfortunately, collaborations of like-minded souls often tend to leave us with unsatisfying compromises that lack real oomph. All the people I've shown one of the organic ads to have been unimpressed, with views ranging from patronised to disappointed. There must be real organic heroes (Craig Sams, Mark Palmer, Ben Cull) who could deliver the same simple messages with real zing. I myself have met/worked for many (Rod Hall, Mr Scruff, Arran Stephens) and would like to see real brand ambassadors with real kudos and proven credentials working under a broad organic banner explaining why organics is so important for them, not insipid walk-on models against a pretty backdrop.

Ian Hills, Purple Pilchard