pink gin cocktail

Gin could become a victim of its own success if NPD goes too ‘flavour-mad’

Retail in-store security

Sir, It is shocking to read that James Convenience Retail, a family business, has suffered as much as 39 targeted thefts over just five days (27 October).

There is a great burden of responsibility for retailers to find ways in which they can protect merchandise, staff and their customers’ interests. Fortunately, the world of retail security solutions has advanced - prevention systems are now available to challenge this behaviour. The key term in this scenario is prevention: adopting and installing preventative measures does not necessarily mean changing store layouts or design. EAS deterrent technology is now available to prevent criminals identifying stores as a target, resulting in an improved customer experience and working environment.

Mike French, business unit director, Checkpoint Systems UK

The future of gin NPD

Sir, It’s interesting to see that Pernod Ricard has bought the UK marketing and development rights to premium Canadian yellow gin Ungava, with further listings set to follow. (3 November).

The gin category is no stranger to innovation. Over the past 12 months we have seen pink gins, gins that change colour and gins distilled with unusual ingredients.

But will gin become a victim of its own success? If the vodka category is anything to go by, credibility is at risk if the gin category goes flavour-mad.

With so many gin brands in the market, it will be interesting to see which gin brands survive and which fall by the wayside.

Elizabeth Finn, managing director, Cowan London

Festive mail marketing

Sir, As the Black Friday and Christmas period approaches there is an understandable focus on digital marketing. But, with GDPR restrictions in place, how can retailers broaden their prospect pool without falling foul of legislation?

Direct mail - long regarded as marketing’s poor relation - is undergoing a real renaissance, sparked by initiatives such as Royal Mail’s Partially Addressed Mail, which allows targeted mail marketing without the use of personal data. This means beautifully crafted messaging can be addressed to ‘the occupier’ or ‘valued customer’, cutting through the digital deluge that swamps every inbox at this time of year.

Studies have found that millennials respond warmly to its tangible impact. Retailers should be looking to explore every channel in order to grow the prospect pool.

Lauren Metaal, sales and marketing director, The Delivery Group