Maltesers is the latest Masterfoods confectionery brand to jump into the freezer. Maltesers ice cream stick is the sole addition to its 2002 ice cream range. This year the company ditched four lines from its range, recommending just 12 lines for the impulse sector to maximise profit. The new line, it says, fills a gap in the market because it gives a lighter eat compared with other bars. The milk chocolate coated light ice cream containing crushed Maltesers will be targeted at 25 to 44-year-old women. Singles and three-packs will retail at £1 and £1.99 respectively from next month. Launch support will be worth £2m and it will benefit from the £8.7m budget already behind the £100m ambient brand. A further £1.5m is being put behind the four tubs launched last year. {{P&P }}