Molson Coors has announced that new limited-edition citrus lager Carling Zest will have an abv of 2.8%.

Rolling out to retailers now in four-packs (rsp: £3.99), and in 12-packs and singles from 18 March, the beer is targeted at the summer market and has been described by the brewer as an alternative to ciders and rosé wines. A draught version will be available to the on-trade from May, when a £1.9m ad campaign kicks off.

Since October, beers at 2.8% abv or below have been charged at 50% less tax than standard beer, prompting a number of launches.

Tesco rolled out 11 2.8% abv beers in January, the majority of which are exclusive to the retailer for six months. Tesco said the beers had been launched in response to a continued uplift in the no/low-alcohol beer category.