EXCLUSIVE Simon Mowbray Pharmaceuticals giant Pfizer is attempting to lick bad breath with groundbreaking new oral care strips' which dissolve in the mouth. The company has launched PocketPaks ­ a strip version of its bestselling Listerine mouthwash brand. Starch-based strips of film are placed on the tongue where they release powerful ingredients which kill "99.9% of odor-causing bacteria in 30 seconds", said the company. More discreet than chewing gum, they are proving a hit with US and Canadian consumers who have been the first to try out the new product. Containing no sugar or alcohol, the strips are also calorie free. A packet of 24 currently retails at $1.49 in the States (£1.14) and packs of 16 and 72 are also available. A spokesman said there were no immediate plans to launch PocketPaks in Britain but declined to speculate on the long-term plans for the brand. {{P&P }}