Milk co-operative Dairy Farmers of Britain has won a contract to supply Londis convenience stores with 50 million litres of fresh milk and cream a year.

Under the two-year contract, which begins in early June, DFB will supply milk to three central distribution depots, rather than 200 separate stores as it had been doing previously.

The new contract gives DFB the potential to increase its current five-million-litres-a-year business with Londis by a factor of 10, the co-operative said.

"This allows us to put our label prominently on the shelves of 1,800 leading convenience stores across the country," a DFB spokesman said.

DFB won the contract ahead of the 20 other businesses serving Londis' nationwide store network. This was primarily due to its quality of service and the "extra food chain value" it offered as a leading farmer-owned processor, said Londis convenience and foodservice manager Dave Mossman.