Londis is ramping up its price-cutting in beers and lagers in a bid to quadruple volume sales.
The lower-pricing scheme implemented by Londis has already given its top three beer brands a lift of 10% year-on-year, while sales of tobacco rose 14%, according to the firm.
Its sales of £500,000 for lager in the first week of June included £81,000 for Stella Artois, £78,000 for Carling and £70,000 for Foster’s.
Londis has pledged to continue the price reductions. Beer buyer Len Hooper said: “We’re going through our range line by line, addressing issues raised by retailers at the recent trade shows.”
One example included a £20 case of Foster’s Export 440ml reduced to £14.99 for 500ml. Another came after retailers in the Midlands reported coming under pressure from Bargain Booze. As a result of them asking for a case deal on standard lager cans, Hooper introduced a 24-pack of Carlsberg for £12.99.
“The cost reduction will be significant and ongoing, and I expect volumes to quadruple as a result,” Hooper added.