Company: Booker
Rsp: £1.49
Competition: Own label
The sell: The 14-day shelf life of the sandwiches would minimise waste and complement retailers’ existing food-to-go ranges

The consumer

Despite not having eaten all day and being very hungry, I left half this sandwich uneaten. The packaging was poor and did not make it obvious the product would last 14 days. The sandwich looked basic, and the amount of the bland-tasting filling was tight. I can’t think of a reason to buy this product, even though I eat sarnies about three times a week. Pre-packed food is good to go not to keep and I’d only buy this again if it was the last thing on the shelf. Two stars (out of five)
Glenn Palmer, surveyor’s assistant, Hove

The expert
I tried them when they were 13 to 14 days old and they were horrible! Although the colour was OK, the smell was not nice and the bread was watery. I would not try the product again it is not what I would want to sell to my loyal customers. Also, for what the product is, the price is not cheap. One star
Booker customer Mohammad Ghashemi, Sheen Lane News, Mortlake

The Grocer
Surprisingly, not only is this tuna sarnie safe to eat after two weeks in a chiller cabinet, it actually doesn’t taste as bad as it sounds. It may be about as grey and exciting as a wet weekend in Wrexham to look at, but somehow the bread is still soft and the filling inoffensive. However, while the longer shelf life may give retailers the logistical upper hand, I can’t see many shoppers opting for this over other pre-packed sandwiches. Two stars
Rob Brown, features editor