Georgia-Pacific will launch an assault on the household paper market next month with tissues, toilet rolls and other innovations under the Lotus brand.
Four new products arrive in stores in April, promising new solutions for household and personal care, followed by a further two later this year.
Georgia-Pacific aims to bring interest and value to a sector that is traditionally seen as lacking in value.
A £5m marketing campaign supports the launch, which includes product-specific television commercials, as well as a large-scale sampling campaign and PR activity.
Lotus Thirst Pockets kitchen
towel, which is already sold in the UK, will also come under the Lotus umbrella brand.
Some of the new products are already sold overseas, while others are exclusive to the UK market.
Lotus marketing director Simon Hawkes claimed the launch of Lotus in the UK marked an opportunity and a major milestone in the sector.
He added that the Lotus name would have more impact than several niche product brands, and that by encouraging the consumer to upgrade to products that offered genuine technological innovation, retailers would benefit from value added pricing and higher margins.
“By dedicating time and resource to the study of people’s lives, we are able to identify opportunities where we can make a genuine difference,” said Hawkes.
Georgia-Pacific also produces the Nouvelle and Kitten Soft toilet paper brands for the UK and Irish markets.
Helen Gregory