Kraft has signalled its devotion to the Dairylea Lunchables range despite recent adverse publicity over salt and fat content.

The company last month made a global vow to improve the makeup of its key lines.

And it said that new Pitta Pouches fell in line with its move earlier this year to reduce salt content across the Lunchables range.

Corporate affairs director Joanna Scott said: “We have reduced salt by 30% across the range and are not going to stop developing an offering which consumers clearly enjoy.”

The new addition - two mini pitta breads with mini cubes of ham and squeezy cheese spread (rsp: £1.35, 115g) - will get TV backing and feature a new Simpsons promotion which is being rolled out across the 10-product Lunchables portfolio.

More than 50,000 winning packs, available to the trade in time for the back to school rush, will feature prizes ranging from a Simpsons racing car set to a remote-controlled skateboarding Bart.