Kraft Foods has slashed the fat content of its Dairylea Lunchables brand, further reduced salt levels and has also added wholegrain and vitamin D.

The relaunch forms part of a long-term quest to make the range more appealing to mums and includes cutting fat and saturated fat 32% and 34% respectively. Salt levels have cut a further 9% and the product now contains 40% less salt than five years ago. The changes have not been made because of Ofcom's use of the Nutrient Profiling Model, said marketing director David Wood. "We have worked on the relaunch for the past two years. It is the result of Dairylea striving to give mums what they want - food better for their kids."

Wood was also adamant that Dairylea Lunchables' advertising would not be affected by Ofcom's advertising restrictions because"it would continue to target mums rather than kids".

The relaunch will be supported by a marketing campaign, including TV and print, from April. Products are due to hit the shelves in the middle of this month.