MD Foods is increasing marketing spend behind Lurpak butter by more than 30% to £9m this year in a bid to attain market leadership of the entire £2.4bn yellow fats market within 18 months [Information Resources]. Lurpak is the leading spreadable butter and the second biggest block butter behind Anchor. However, MD's aim is to vanquish margarine and dairy spreads as well as attain market dominance, said marketing controller Simon Eyles. Half of the Lurpak budget will go on TV with the bulk of that in support of spreadable. Spreadable is the most dynamic sector in the market and one of the few showing growth. Four ads featuring thwarted trombonist Douglas, who has been Lurpak's brand character for ten years, will be on air from March. The redesign, on shelf from next week, is designed to "reinvigorate lacklustre supermarket shelves". It features a blue wave design that rolls continuously down the aisle when the brand is on shelf. {{P&P }}