The men’s shaving market is set for a pulsatingly innovative new launch in September with the first battery-powered razor.
The Gillette M3Power uses an AAA battery to deliver gentle pulses to the razor head to stimulate hair upward and away from the skin making it easier to shave more thoroughly.
The blades also feature a new coating that is designed to increase shaving comfort and an Indicator Lubrastrip with vitamin E and aloe vera.
It also has an ergonomically designed handle with gripping surfaces and, despite its battery power, the M3Power can be used in the shower.
The Grocer revealed earlier this year (p72, March 6 2004) how Gillette was planning to launch the M3Power in North America in May. In the US, the
razor, which includes two replacement blades and an AAA Duracell battery, retails for $14.99, while a four-pack of replacement blades retails for $10.99 and an eight-pack for $20.99. It is expected that the razor will retail for about £10 in the UK.
That price would represent a significant premium to Gillette’s existing Mach3 and Mach3 Turbo and Wilkinson Sword’s Quattro razors.
However, the timing of the launch will mean M3Power will be able to tap into the Christmas gifting category.
“It’s going to be a big challenge to encourage that sort of trade up, particular as it has dedicated premium blades.
“Consumers will make their call as to whether it would benefit them and be worth paying an extra £7 to £8 for it,” said an industry insider.
“But it could inject more value into the market, which would be good in a deflationary environment.”
Wilkinson Sword said it had no immediate plans to launch its own battery-powered razor but added that it was “always monitoring opportunities”.
Sean McAllister