GlaxoSmithKline claims to be breaking new ground in dental care by launching a toothpaste aimed at over 40s. It has embarked on an ambitious drive to give Britain's ageing population its own toothpaste with Macleans 40+. Phasing in from now, the company said the newcomer would carve out a new category in a market increasingly characterised by growth in premium pastes such as total care, whitening and sensitive. It said a decline in standard pastes was also growing the market in value terms as consumers look to trade up from everyday toothpastes. A spokesman said Macleans 40+ helped ageing teeth and gums by carefully balancing three ingredients. A low abrasive formulation is gentle on dentine exposed by receding gums, while a high fluoride content helps to protect against root decay. Antibacterial agent Triclosan fights the bacteria leading to gum problems. The newcomer, which has been given distinctive gold packaging to differentiate it from other pastes, is expected to appeal both to older customers tackling existing problems and younger consumers who want to take preventative action, added the spokesman. A £3.6m multimedia support package, to include TV ads, is being planned. Rsp for the 75ml tube will be £2.49 with GlaxoSmithKline salesmen advising that Macleans 40+ should be positioned on shelf between the total and whitening categories. {{P&P }}