Unilever was reported last night to have started a search for its next chairman. The owner of brands including Dove soap, Pot Noodle and Wall’s ice cream has called in Russell Reynolds Associates, the headhunter, to identify candidates to replace Michael Treschow, the veteran Swedish boardroom boss who is expected to stand down next year. (The Times £)

The FT looks at Conviviality’s bid for Matthew Clark, noting that a deal for the drink wholesale would be “a huge step” for the chain. “Still, it is good to be ambitious and the acquisition would propel Conviviality to the next level if it can clinch the deal”. (The Financial Times £)

Fever Tree, the British drinks maker, will be providing liquid relief at 30,000 feet in the air after signing a deal with British Airways to sell cans of its premium tonic water on board its flights. (The Telegraph)

The Telegraph also has a an interview Fever Tree founders Tim Warrilow and Charles Rolls, noting the pair “share the passion and paranoia that has made their business a British success story”. (The Telegraph)

Online snacks brand Graze goes physical on Monday when its boxed nibbles will be sold in shops for the first time, in a sign that even fast-growing internet brands can still need bricks and mortar retailing. (The Financial Times £)

Graze’s new distribution deals with Sainsbury’s, Boots and WH Smith will see a Graze range of “healthier” snacks on sale in 1,200 stores nationwide. (The Telegraph)

The Telegraph has an article looking at how family firm Warburtons “became the second-largest grocery brand in Britain” and how Hollywood star Sylvester Stallone has proved an effective if unlikely addition to the baker’s marketing weaponry. (The Telegraph)