Waitrose has launched a new range of potted flowers designed for those who live in urban areas.

The range went on sale this week under the Kado brand name in one-litre pots (rsp: £6.99), 11-litre patio pots (rsp: £24.99), and hanging baskets (rsp: 19.99), and boasted specially blended soil designed to give extra nutrients to the flowers.

Waitrose said the flowers were longer-lasting and easy to maintain by even the most inexperienced gardeners - whether they were grown indoors or in the garden.

The full flower range featured a selection of geraniums, petunias, argyranthemums, begonias, grandalias, mandevillas and dianthus in colourful pots.

“We know our customers are going to love the easy-to-care-for Kado range,” said Waitrose horticulture buyer Victoria Mason.

“These low-maintenance plants simply need to be watered every couple of days for them to thrive, while the patented soil they are grown in is full of all the nutrients they need to bloom for months.”