All sales figures, from Information Resources unless otherwise stated, are for the year ending April 21, 2002. Types of store shown in brackets. l Hot Beverages Kraft Kenco Purely/Rappor stick packs Established brands in a stick format aimed at convenience and trial. Launched: March 2001 (Rappor), July 2001 (Purely) Sales: Rappor £1m (1.2 million packs) and Purely £0.5m (0.35 million packs) [Kraft's own figures] Isolating sales figures for the stick format has proved difficult but Kraft says it is pleased with the range's "steady growth". l Cakes Nestlé's Smarties Celebration Cakes Nestlé's stalwart confectionery brand in cake format Launched: October 2001 Sales: £912,000 (Nestlé's own figures) As kids' birthday cakes always used to be decorated with Smarties anyway, the brand was an obvious choice to cross over. l Canned goods International Fish Canners' Scofish A range of canned fish in luxury sauces Launched: Oct '99/Nov '00 Sales: £0.25m (multiples) This was never going to rival tuna in the canned fish stakes but listings, distribution and sales are growing steadily. l Household Domestos WC Activ Mousse Brand-leading bleach in a mousse format for those too scared to look under the toilet rim Launched: March 20001 Sales: £2.5m (multiples and chemists) A big brand name have given this the edge over other added value performers in this new sector. l Paper Kimberly-Clark's Andrex Aloe Vera A version of the brand leader Launched: September 2001 Sales: £5.7m (multiples and chemists) Kimberly-Clark has recorded sales of £10m for a pioneer in the sector. Sainsbury has followed with a me-too' product. {{FEATURES }}