Company: Lyons Seafoods
Rsp: £5.99 for a kit serving two (£4.99 introductory price)
Competition: The Saucy Fish Co
The sell: These seafood meal kits would help make the fish category more appealing to younger consumers

The consumer

I didn’t hold high hopes for this wok-ready Malaysian classic. However, it was actually rather good: the stir-fry vegetable mix was fresh and crunchy, the king prawns were tasty and the sauce was creamy and aromatic. On the other hand, a laksa is a very spicy dish, and this wasn’t. Overall, as a quick mid-week meal it is a tasty option and, at the introductory price of £4.99, a reasonably cheap one too. Three stars (out of five)
Kerry McGrandles, musical theatre director, Surrey

The expert
This produced a lovely aroma. The prawns were good and came with a nice assortment of crunchy veg and just the right amount of sauce. The dish is labelled as hot, but I would say it’s more medium-hot. It is also sold as a meal for two, but is only adequate with a generous portion of rice. An rsp of £5.99 might price it out of the market, given other recent ventures in this sector. Four stars
Matthew Bruno, buyer for fish, bacon, sausage & hot counter, Booths

The Grocer
This tasted clean, refreshing and ‘healthy’. I liked the inclusion of cherry tomatoes in the vegetable stir-fry mix, which gave it a more premium feel. However, it was over-packaged it takes up a lot of space in the supermarket chiller cabinet and the consumer’s fridge. I initially thought the rsp was too high but, given that it is for two, it’s probably about right. I’d like more veg and prawns, though. Four stars
Richard Ford, deputy fresh foods editor