The dairy industry has welcomed the second launch in a week of a milk enriched with brain-enhancing Omega-3.
Hot on the heels of St Ivel Advance with Omega-3 (The Grocer, May 21, p78), Marks and Spencer has launched its own Fresh Omega-3 milk.
Dubbed ‘super milk’, it is available as whole or semi-skimmed. A 250ml serving of the whole milk contains 48mg of the fatty acids DHA and EPA - around six times that of organic milk and 10 times that of regular milk - and 88g of Omega-3.
The milk, which is supplied by Milk Direct, is the product of cows that have been fed an Omega-3 rich diet.
Liz Broadbent, marketing director at the Milk Development Council, said: “This is good news for the industry. People are beginning to attend to nutrition, and this will help.”
David Whiting, marketing director at Organic Milk suppliers Co-operative, added: “Any move to add value to milk has to be good.”
The milk comes in 750ml cartons with an rsp of 69p.