Trading controller, Somerfield The major growth area for frozen is ready meals, with oriental, Indian and traditional being the main drivers. Pizza growth has slowed over the past couple of years but, with the launch of Pizza Pleasure from Heinz and Goodfella's Ciabatta Style base during October, the market is picking up. Frozen fish has seen a resurgence with traditional breaded and battered products driving growth, while potato and chip products continue to grow, most substantially on roast potatoes and Wedges. After a difficult year, confectionery is now showing significant growth, mainly from traditional desserts and cheesecakes, while burgers and grills performed well during the summer as consumers took advantage of the warmer weather to use their barbecues. Growth in white meat products has slowed over the last year but this can be put down to the smaller number of new products this year compared with last. Frozen foods will see further growth as major new brands appear with TV support in the coming months. Unfortunately, new Birds Eye Enjoy! did not perform as expected but it did improve the perception of frozen food quality. {{P&P }}