asda advertising

Asda and Sainsbury’s are introducing digital contextual advertising screens at their stores.

Contextual advertising could see ice cream being advertised when the temperature reaches a certain level, coffee in the early morning, or soup when it is particularly cold, for example.

Clear Channel UK, which is handling the conversion to digital, will use Asda sales data and customer insight information to identify “hyper-relevant” contextual advertising opportunities. Sainsbury’s is expected to do likewise, although it has still to agree this aspect of its deal with Clear Channel.

“Audience data can let you know if there are certain days or times of day when men or families are more or less likely to shop and tailor digital advertising accordingly,” said Clear Channel chief executive Justin Cochrane.

Asda has signed a seven-year deal with Clear Channel UK to rebuild Asda’s outdoor billboard and poster sites, which will see up to 300 superstores and 200 of its supermarkets go digital from July.

Clear Channel will upgrade Sainsbury’s to digital at 350 stores to create a national network of screens at entrances.

The screens at both chains will be powered by Clear Channel’s intelligent content management system, Play iQ. Cochrane said advertising could be changed at any time during the day.

“You could advertise, for example, croissants during the morning commute and wine in the evening. It can take into account time-sensitive offers that the store may be running. Digital can also react to a news or sports event so you could advertise a beer offer following a local football team’s victory.”

Both the Asda and Sainsbury’s screens will feature beacon-technology but this facility will not be engaged yet.

The Grocer understands Clear Channel is working on beacon trials, but not with supermarkets, and these will help shape what it does with the technology in the future.

It is keen to ensure beacons work in a way that the public will understand and accept. The technology could, for example, detect if shopper has a retailer’s app or a product app and send them a special offer or detect if someone has a lifestyle app on their phone and trigger a certain shampoo advert to appear on screens