Birds Eye is ploughing £2m into a marketing campaign urging consumers to reduce household food waste by using their freezers.

Entitled ‘iFreeze, iSave’, Birds Eye’s campaign will have a strong focus on how much money families can save by reducing the amount of food and drink thrown away. The Waste & Resources Action Programme estimates the average UK family household could save up to £700 a year.

Television adverts supporting the campaign will hit screens in April running through to June. iFreeze, iSave will also be accompanied by out of home, digital and in-store advertising.

“Eating more frozen food can reduce the level of food waste in the home. The opportunity is there for people to realise the benefits of freezing and getting people comfortable with and using their freezers once again,” says Birds Eye MD Andy Weston-Webb. “The campaign gives a compelling reason why as a shopper we should choose to do something about food waste.”

iFreeze, iSave is part of Iglo Group’s Forever Food Together initiative, launched in October 2014, which is being promoted on Birds Eye’s packaging using a green Captain Birds Eye figure to symbolise its sustainability commitments – which include responsibly sourcing and preparing 100% of its food products by 2020.