It may not have used ‘How do you eat yours?’ for ages, but so closely linked with Cadbury Creme Egg is the phrase that it operates as a kind of bonus slogan, living in shoppers’ minds through other campaigns, yet still noteworthy when it makes an occasional return. (See also: Marmite.)

Anyway, Cadbury has really nailed that return. “The way you eat a Creme Egg says everything about you,” a voiceover tells us. We meet Heather, who disconcertingly “likes to nibble hers while maintaining eye contact”. A quick, witty study of Heather’s personality follows.

We’re then directed to take the ‘Creme Egg test’ online – which is similarly short, sweet and funny, with a nice ‘you might like this’ pay-off, and a potential prize giveaway for participants.

This is how it’s done.