Capri-Sun has slashed the amount of sugar in its pouches, and this ad aims to promote that fact, as well as giving the brand a bit of personality. With mixed results.

“Hi Sally,” says a sub-Pixar animated pouch, who’s sitting on a chair in… who knows? Some kind of control room? There are computers, and a big telescope. ‘Sally’ has apparently messaged Capri-Sun, claiming it would be “easier sending my kids to the moon than deciding which drinks to give them”.

You can’t dispute her flair for hyperbole, but Sally lacks imagination when it comes to what drink she thinks the people at Capri-Sun might recommend. We won’t spoil it, but Pouchy clearly gets across the 50% less sugar message – alongside a fun fact about the temperature on the moon – despite the straw sticking out of his head. Bravo!