Think ‘Dove ad’ and you tend to think of loads of white-clad women, sharing out the compliments. Everyone’s unique, different and beautiful in their own way, yadda yadda yadda.

What you don’t normally get is a video game heroine using her purple laser-sword to vanquish a braying monster. But this is the lot of Cinthia, the personal care brand’s new virtual face. When the game finishes, she heads home to decompress. We see her remove her body-forming armour and make-up, transforming her from a chesty male fantasy into a rather more realistically powerful woman.

She experiences a flicker of doubt, but soon shakes it off before heading out to do battle elsewhere.

The point is to address female under-representation in video games and at the end we meet the ‘real’ Cinthia. Gamers will likely be intrigued by the ad’s call to find out more online.