“KFC flavoured crisps: it’s a no-brainer.” Walkers’ latest ad begins with a bold statement, which it then wittily interrogates. “So why did it take us so long?”

To answer the question, the camera moves away from a shot of Gary Lineker gobbling said crisps from a bag, veering away and heading down the street. We’re shown a series of hints about why the combo would work – from obvious stuff like juxtaposed billboards, to an audio clue that comes about thanks to some apparently random TV channel-hopping. It’s all a bit Derren Brown.

The ad’s swoopy-swervy camerawork feels genuinely innovative, and it ends on a high with news of a “mad” KFC deal with every bag. Meanwhile, the visual payoff, with Gary as the Colonel, is brilliant. The grey hair, the glasses, the tufty beard… As the ad says, it makes perfect sense.