tropicana little glass

Tropicana, hit hard by consumers’ new-found fear of sugar, is striking back with a didactic campaign all about the positives of fruit juice.

So, meet Little Glass. As the animated vessel is filled with Tropicana’s finest, comedian David Mitchell quizzes it about juice’s benefits - reeling off a list of vitamins, and the fact that just 150ml equates to one of the 5 a day. Valuable stuff.

Getting Mitchell to do the voiceover is this ad’s masterstroke. He doesn’t sound patronising, and his delivery manages to snuff out most of the ad’s inherent desperation.

Not only is he funny and likeable, he’s a thoughtful - even nerdy - voice-of-reason sort who hosts Radio 4 documentaries and writes columns for The Guardian. So, if even he thinks fruit juice is OK…