Last week’s AOTW, for Pringles, saw three mates on a sofa ponder a quirky animal – in this case a hamster.

At the same time, rival Doritos rolled out a sofa trio-animal ad – but in this example, the chums are the creatures. In a twist on Creme Egg’s ‘how do you eat yours?’ theme, we’re introduced to ‘The Licker’ (a lizard lady), ‘The Nibbler’ (a goat bloke) and ‘The Chomper’ (a bear man whose attempt to lob a Dorito, whole, into his gob, is foiled by his lizardy pal’s quick tongue).

All of them make the act of eating Doritos look disgusting – especially tongue woman – while goat guy’s bleating and end-of-scene headbutt is also quite annoying. Viewers might enjoy thinking of other animal (or maybe even human) ways to eat Doritos, though.