Ferrero is set to launch a campaign for Nutella that will see the return of 2015’s Your Nutella, Your Way activity.

Kicking off in September, the promotion will begin with a breakfast recipes hub on the brand’s website. It will be followed by a retooled Your Nutella, Your Way, which will offer jars with a choice of six phrases, including ‘Thank you’ and ‘Mine’, with the aim of pushing the sweet spread into ‘token gift territory’.

Supported by a £1.1m investment, the drive will be showcased using TV, VOD, digital and PR.

Last year the push allowed consumers to request a bespoke label via the sweet spread’s website and then receive it in the post. It saw the redemption of nearly 300,000 labels in the UK – but it backfired in Australia when customers requested names including Vegemite, Diabetes and Hitler.

And Nutella faced critical media coverage after a shopper in New South Wales was refused a jar for her niece, Isis, named after a goddess in Egyptian mythology.

However, the new programme of activity was set to “go down a treat”, claimed Levi Boorer, customer development director at Ferrero.

“We know that nearly half of our target market describes Nutella as a brand they love. Our upcoming activity is designed to capitalise on this loyalty by giving consumers more of what they want,” he said.