Protein drinks brand For Goodness Shakes has launched a kids range of low-sugar dairy drinks.

Milkshoot comes in vanilla, chocolate and strawberry flavours (rsp £1.29/235ml bottle), and goes on sale in 120 Waitrose stores next week, followed by a national listing with Asda from November.

The range was designed to draw on the “health and goodness” message of the For Goodness Shakes brand to offer a “nutritious, low-sugar drink that releases energy slowly,” said co-founder Alex Brooks.

It is packaged with a sports cap and contains 25% added milk protein, vitamins B and D, plus iodine and calcium, and will be pitched as an alternative to carbonated and mainstream milkshake drinks. The ambient products have a seven-month shelf-life.

Flavour-wise, Brooks said Milkshoot was “just sweet enough” and had been certified with a low Glycaemic Index score, which he said helped avoid sugar spikes.

“We founded For Goodness Shakes 10 years ago for our own personal consumption,” he said. “We’re now dads ourselves, and want our kids to grow up healthy, active and strong, as well as enjoying a good diet.”

Brooks said consumer research had revealed a gap in the market, with parents bemoaning the lack of drinks that bridged the gap between milk and carbonated products. “There’s nothing in between. We decided we could do something about it.”

The launch will be accompanied by sampling, in-store activity, women’s press, online and blogging.