A man and woman stroll along a deserted beach, when the fella decides to impress his beau with a bit of stone skimming. But it falls flat. Humiliating.

Fortunately our hero has a (surprisingly massive) bag of Fox’s Glacier Mints in his pocket. He pops one in his gob and the scene restarts. This time the skim is a huge success, pinging off into the distance, past astonished sailors, and wildlife such as an adorably confused penguin. The pebble eventually returns, having apparently circumnavigated the globe.

“If only everything lasted as long as a Fox’s sweet,” goes the voiceover. It’s wryly funny – and if you happen to read any further symbolic resonance into a man impressing his partner with something that’s ‘Satisfyingly Long Lasting’, that’s probably not what Fox’s had in mind. Probably.