We’ve become accustomed to extravagant Galaxy ads positioning it as a luxurious, relaxing treat. Audrey Hepburn on a bus! Jade Anouka on a train! An everywoman doing it all in a big crowd!

Travel and the crowd are now out, for obvious reasons, but in stressful, straitened times the need for a luxurious break is perhaps more urgent than ever. In this animated ad – designed to showcase the brand’s new look – luxury is denoted by the dancing about of a series of fabrics, which seem to jump off the new pack design. The words ‘bold’, ‘new’ and ‘look’ flash up, and soon we’re seeing the some similarly silky chocolate spiral across the screen.

It does a solid if unspectacular job of establishing the new pack design, but we’ve got our fingers crossed for something more lavish (with some humans) soon.