Having schooled gurning comedian Jack Black in the art of seduction by coffee capsule, George Clooney has a new co-star - and a better premise - in his latest Nespresso ad.

The silver fox is just buying a new machine in a swanky shop when a beautiful woman kicks off some espresso-based flirting. It doesn’t go anywhere (George is married now, after all) but suddenly two heavies bundle him into a car.

“Fancy my wife do ya?” asks the hypersensitive gangster husband behind the kidnap. He’s played by Ian McShane - the man behind memorable menacers in Deadwood and Sexy Beast (and, yes, Lovejoy) - and the only thing that will make up for the insult is… George’s Nespresso maker.

But George keeps the machine and takes a beating instead. “Must be some coffee,” says his maid. Where Black’s character was a bit creepy, McShane is perfectly on point - and Clooney (even though he has a maid) is as likeable as ever. What fun!