Heineken is 150! And it has seemingly only just noticed that its name is tricky to spell.

So the brewer is “celebrating 150 years of good times” with a global montage of folks getting it a bit wrong – suggesting, perhaps, that it might have been even more successful with an easier-to-manage moniker.

Spelling and pronunciation errors are legion: we get a tattoo disaster, an influencer fail and a random cameo for Formula 1 champ Mika Häkkinen. Wrongnesses also include servings over ice and through straws. It’s all too much for the brewer’s founder, whose grave we see shaking as he turns in it.

Aside from the boring choice of soundtrack – Plastic Bertrand’s Ça Plane Pour Moi (an advertising staple) – it’s a fun celebration of what we can all surely agree is, as the ad says, “the green one”.