Heinz Salad Cream

Heinz Salad Cream is set to keep its “iconic” name after an “overwhelming” response from fans insisting it should remain the same, Kraft Heinz announced today (27 September).

The manufacturer revealed in June it was considering changing the name of its classic table sauce after research suggested just 14% of people used it on salads, with many never having bought or tasted salad cream.

‘Sandwich Cream’, ‘Chip Sauce’, ‘Fish Finger Sauce’ and ‘Roast Potato Sauce’ were among the names mooted as replacements.

However, Heinz said today it would keep the original name of the 104-year-old brand after a poll suggest 87% of consumers wanted it to remain as Heinz Salad Cream.

“We have been truly overwhelmed by the reaction of consumers to Heinz Salad Cream over the summer,” said Joel Hughes, senior brand manager at Heinz.

“Thousands of people shared their thoughts and suggested new ideas, all of which were considered, but it became clear that consumers wanted to keep Heinz Salad Cream, and any other name just wouldn’t do, so Heinz Salad Cream is here to stay.”