Holy Moly looks to make a point about provenance in this low-budget ad, which is shot in the style of a police documentary, and kicks off with the customary money shot of that genre: a door being bashed in.

“A wave of Colombian export has hit the UK,” a subtitle soberly informs us, before a montage of wrong’uns scattering from the law is shown. We’re meant, obviously, to think of cocaine – supposedly giving the brand a bit of illicit edge in much the same way as Tango’s similar, lab-based effort from April. The miscreants’ duffel bags are packed with guacamole, of course.

It’s hard to imagine Holy Moly’s South American supply partners appreciating the association. Indeed, complaints about “really offensive stereotype[s] are already rolling in on social media.

The premise doesn’t even stand up to much scrutiny. Cops are shown enjoying guac at the end – so is it illegal in this ad’s world and they’re corrupt? Or was it all a misunderstanding – in which case why did the ‘dealers’ run?