Last summer, the film fans at Irn-Bru affectionately sent up the western, in a spot that saw cowboys viciously debating the orange-coloured drink’s flavour credentials.

Now it’s back with a couple of new movie parodies – and one even finds space for the brand’s cheeky, slightly transgressive sense of humour. A lad shows up to pick up his date – but is appalled by her assertion Irn-Bru tastes like “cream soda”. He doesn’t like her mum’s suggestion, either, so he takes granny to prom for a smooch instead.

The second film takes us into the gangster movie genre – which features an exceptionally cool, witty cut to reveal the fate of a mobster who claims it “definitely tastes like tutti frutti”.

These are just as funny as the western ad, but the smaller scale and sense that the budget isn’t huge somehow makes them work better, lending the brand a bit of outsider edge.