John West is looking to reposition itself as a health and wellness brand, and its new ad is certainly a departure from the traditional world of seafood advertising. No shiny trawlers or salty seadogs here!

Instead, we see a teenager getting out of bed – a show of strength indeed. Our gal tumbles to the breakfast table, lobs a John West Tuna Pasta Salad into her schoolbag and beats the driver to the bus. “No start too early,” says our voiceover. She’s still going at dusk – “no finish too late”, we hear, as our heroine curls a football into the top corner of a goal (good ‘finish’ pun, John West!).

“It all begins with what we eat,” see? We only get a glimpse of the food, and even that’s partially obscured by some energetic dancers – who our star soon joins. Point made!