Kerrygold is back on our screens, with an ad that supposedly plays up the brand’s grass-fed cred, as well as its taste and Irish heritage.

There’s a lot of grass, sure, and a shot of the pack’s ‘milk from Irish grass-fed cows’ label. But the ad is mainly concerned with the nostalgic musings of its central character, a guy who slathers a bit of bread in Kerrygold and is transported back to his youth’s golden days – “that summer, when we first met”. Cue footage of two pre-teens mooning over each other: he passes her the butter. What a smoothie!

“That’s no ordinary butter,” our man muses, back in the present day. “No, it’s Kerrygold,” replies his missus. What? A simpering cover of ‘I Can’t Help Falling in Love with You’ doesn’t help.

More cheesy than buttery.