There’s more than a hint of John Lewis Christmas ad about Kerrygold’s new campaign. The soundtrack is a slowed-down, ‘emotional’ take on Cheap Trick’s ‘I Want You To Want Me’, and the star is an anthropomorphised… table.

The idea – solid enough – is that the table has traditionally been at the heart of family meal, but is being edged out. The ad begins with a young lad sighing as his siblings grab food from a plate and disappear. The table, covered in junk, doesn’t get a look in.

Neglected, it apparently ‘runs away’, pausing to ‘look’ sadly at a derelict furniture shop, a crowded deli… and finally a happy, Kerrygold-enjoying family – eventually returning home with some bread to create a similar scene.

Doubtless the ad will earn a sob or two from particularly lachrymose viewers – but for the most part… well, it’s quite hard to emotionally connect with a table.