Astronautical adverts are having a moment: Pepsi has one starring Paul Rudd and Michael Peña, now Kronenbourg is sending its own star into space – Eric Cantona.

Cantona is shown giving a press conference (at ‘ALSASA’) in which he explains that since everyone in Alsace knows Kronenbourg is the ‘taste supreme in the world’, it’s time to up the game and prove it on a universal level. It’s not clear how this will work – which may be the reason for Cantona’s gallic shrug to camera. The ad plays to his deadpan strengths, finding space for a gnomic classic: ‘today’s laurels are tomorrow’s compost’.

A series of funny follow-ups show Cantona in training, giving more time to the badly-dressed misfits apparently running the mission. But how will Kronenbourg conclude the campaign?