It wasn’t so long ago that Weetabix gave a little girl the strength to pull a submarine to the surface – now Oatibix is picking up on the maritime theme.

The ad sees a horde of bloodthirsty pirates engaged in the traditional piratey activity of forcing a young lad to walk the plank. His last request? A bowl of Oatibix, naturally. He explains the concept: “It’s like Weetabix, but made from oats” and a bowl is served.

Then, in a flash, we see that our hero has outwitted the pirates, marooning them while he sails off on their ship, having also pinched a big hat. In what feels like a bit of a cheat, we’re left to imagine how he did it… but not what gave him the strength and guile.

The ‘have you had yours?’ tagline remains a winner, too.